Large Bulks, Lucrative Savings!

Work with us. We’ve made some special treat just for you
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Lifetime Offer

We value your loyalty. Save more every time you place an order.

Bulk order Discounts: Don’t hesitate to place a bulk order on us! We’ll still maintain a high quality and what’s more, you will be able to save with our discounts for bulk orders.

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Academic Offers

We know students need their money for other necessities. Enjoy discounts and premium service!

For Students & University's: Students will get 10% off on the first order. You will receive a Platinum Customer status if you refer others to use our service.

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Platinum Customer Benefits

A Platinum Customer gets their own account managers to help them with whatever they need. Aside from that, you will receive 10 to 20% discounts on all your order. You can even get more slashed off the price depending on the bulk of your file

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Offer for Government Agencies

An automatic 20% off will be given to government agencies who entrust us. Anything less than that merits a 10% discount.

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Offer for Refer a Friend

The more customers you bring in, the larger discount you get. Refer 2 people to get 10% off, and invite more than 5 and you'll automatically become a platinum status member!

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Offer on Second Order

Enjoy a 10% deduction from the original price on your next order. Keep coming back to us to get more value for your money!

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Seasonal Offers

One-time offers for special occasions.

Christmas: 'Tis a season to be jolly! 20% off on your order.

Thanksgiving Day: We know you'll spend your money on a bountiful feast. You get 10% off, no need to thank us.

Independence Day: Let freedom reign and happiness follow suit by getting a 10% discount on your order.

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