Our Other Services

We also provide other types of services for clients


Hire high-end transcription services while still paying less, ultra-affordable starting at $0.10/min. Our services are gauged with international standards and target academic institutions, industrial demands, legal practitioners and different businesses.

Profitable benefits available, High accuracy, five-minute unpaid trial, transcriptions covering a wide range of languages, upload content for rapid, easy and free quotes for mistake-free, secure and confidential handling for all transcribed work.

Voice Over Services

We have numerous voices over artists who will satisfy every customer need in this field professionally, pay as low as $128 for unsurpassed services. Your content arrives with High accuracy, Turnarounds and super rush orders, ISO approval, multiple language voice over and 24-7 customer support, get in touch now through instant call backs or toll free hotlines.

Upload files to get queue-free results.

Closed Captioning/Subtitling

Messages are best communicated with videos, strike a chord with your audience with our cheap and high quality subtitles and captions. We can handle anything, be it a TV show, informative media or regimens, our service brings together quality and cheap costs.

Typing Services

Do you have a large bulk order? You can avoid all the confusion by choosing us. We can undertake huge bulk typing orders, we have skillful typists and a 24/7 customer care. Our results are notched by High accuracy with rapid project completion. Our Pocket-friendly pricing are just $3.75 per unformatted page, or $4.50 with formatting. For audio typing, flat rate at $0.10/minute.

Strict customer privacy and non-disclosure, support for over 100 languages, you can choose us for immediate delivery via emails. Flawless, fluent and high quality work. Simply UPLOAD your files to start now.

Video Services

Videos are highly effective in communication. We are dominant in the video production niche and also offer a wide range of special services:

Video Animation

Contact us to get catchy, intuitive animations that convey information in the most compelling way, our animated clips cost $60. Let the clips communicate!

Video Spokesperson

We have an impressive platform of vocal spokespersons; this will cost you below $60. We provide technical support to satisfy every need requiring a spokesperson.

Video Editing

We have many professionally trained video editors who can solve all hitches and do anything you ask. They can customize your project and carve out memorable viewing experiences, our charges are below $60.

Video Production

Our video production is marked by excellence, we only make what will enable you optimize your profits in the business world. Our services take into account strict and set timelines, cheap rates and ingenious acumen.